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Baggy Trousers

Baggy Trousers


  • Friday. Doors:

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Hey You … for one night only, after sell out shows in Australia in 2023, RAM Touring and Baggy Trousers brings ‘The Sound of Madness’ to Auckland’s top live-music venue, The Tuning Fork. 

London born, with the look and sound of Madness, let Baggy Trousers take you back to your earlier days with classics hits such as Our House, Shut up, Bed and Breakfast Man, The Prince, House of Fun, Embarrassment, Cardiac Arrest, Madness, Wings of a Dove, NW5, Night Boat to Cairo, My Girl, It must be love, One Step Beyond and of course Baggy Trousers, and lots more from forty+ years of Madness. 

It’s authentic Madness; everyone who's seen Baggy Trousers will tell you this is the nearest thing in the Southern Hemisphere you'll get to the real thing. 

“They sound like we used to” – Cathal Smyth, Madness

They’ve really nailed the Madness sound” – Bruce Hearn, Strange Tenants

With our special guests, The Underground starting the party with their big bag of banging Britpop, you’ll love these two hi-energy bands, who’ll get you singing and dancing to the melodies and memories of your earlier days.

Make no mistake, this show is going to sell out … Madness fans in New Zealand, you don't want to miss this!!!


  • We'd prefer it if you leave your bags at home, but if you do need to bring one, please keep it small. Bags will be subject to a quick inspection before you enter.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID (a valid NZ driver's license, passport or Kiwi Access Card) if you'd like to drink as ID is required for all alcohol purchases. We’ll need to see your ID otherwise we are unable to serve them to you or refund your purchase if you do not have your ID with you.
  • This is a cashless event.


  • A range of food and drinks will be available in the venue.
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