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Tom Sainsbury

Tom Sainsbury


  • Saturday. Doors:


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Between sips of weak tea made with water from the zip, Tom Sainsbury will spin everyday situations into comedic gold. From awkward encounters to bizarre escapades, no topic is off-limits in this rollercoaster of laughter.


  • We'd prefer it if you leave your bags at home, but if you do need to bring one, please keep it small. Bags will be subject to a quick inspection before you enter.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID (a valid NZ driver's license, passport or Kiwi Access Card) if you'd like to drink as ID is required for all alcohol purchases. We’ll need to see your ID otherwise we are unable to serve them to you or refund your purchase if you do not have your ID with you.
  • This is a cashless event.


  • A range of food and drinks will be available in the venue.
  • Alcohol Policy