Saturday 16 September 2017

The Tuning Fork is proud to present Brazilian songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rodrigo Amarante.

Amarante has become an international name through his band Little Joy (alongside The Strokes’ drummer Fab Moretti and Binki Shapiro) and by recording and playing with Devendra Banhart on his last three albums. Amarante is also an inescapable figure in Brazilian music and has influenced a whole generation in his homeland. He is one of the masterminds of the Rio de Janeiro band Los Hermanos and a founding member of samba supergroup Orquestra Imperial alongside Seu Jorge and Moreno Veloso (son of Caetano Veloso). He has recorded and performed with Brazilian icons such as Tom Zé, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso and was elected one of the 100 best musicians in Brazilian history by Rolling Stone Magazine.

After five years in the US he released his debut solo album, Cavalo, in 2014 which was praised by Rolling Stone and The Independent. Most recently he was nominated for an Emmy for his track “Tuyo” which he wrote as the dark-edged title theme for the Netflix series Narcos.

“To write "Tuyo," Amarante says he imagined the music the mother of Escobar [Narcos’ drug lord lead character] would have listened to as she raised the boy that would become a monster. The result is short, beautiful, and deceptive — listen closely to those lyrics. That's not romance you're hearing, it's domination.” – NPR

Praise for Cavalo:

“This debut release manages to exude both an endearing homemade cosiness and an inventive sonic sophistication.” – The Independent

“Bouncing between tracks in English, French, and Portuguese, it’s the kind of diverse, deliberate records I can easily return to on any given day while still unearthing some rich, new detail every time.” – Pitchfork

“The record demonstrates Amarante's stylistic range and gift for wistful melody: His songs represent everything from lullaby-paced ballads with muted piano to tunes driven by bubbling bass to ebullient Portuguese love songs.” – NPR


DJ Bobby Brazuka is the unofficial Brazilian ambassador of music and culture in New Zealand and a great representative of New Zealand music in his motherland of Brazil. This cultural exchange has been Bobby’s passion for the last 12 years. Either via his Sunday evening radio show on George FM, DJ-ing in clubs and bars around New Zealand and Australia or performing as part of his live project with comrades Isaac Aesili and Jennifer Zea aka Latinaotearoa, Bobby has become an iconic persona in the live music scene both here in Australasia and further afield in Latin America. With his distinguished palate for Samba, Soul, Funk, Reggae and Hip Hop amongst a host of other styles he is certain to make you move.

Auckland-based Brazilian musician Ge Luz sings and composes in a range of different styles, including Samba and Bossa Nova. A professional singer and songwriter, Luz moved to New Zealand in 2013 and released his first solo album, Momento, in 2015 and his second album Canto Pra Dois in July this year. He has also recorded music for the TV series Step Dave. Ge Luz’s music is influenced by Brazilian artists Djavan, João Gilberto and Tom Jobim to name a few.

Amarante bridges Brazilian Samba, Tropicália, alt-rock and soaring folk. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a performance by this enchanting artist with support from two Auckland-based Brazilian treasures, DJ Bobby Brazuka and Ge Luz.

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