Georgia Lines & LAIIKA



Georgia Lines & LAIIKA

Auckland pop duo LAIIKA and Tauranga singer song writer Georgia Lines are playing together on tour across New Zealand this April and May.
Consisting of best friends Grace Moller and Heidi Simpson, LAIIKA are a female pop-duo from Auckland with an exciting modern take on pop music that recounts the whimsical feelings of youth with cutting truth. Since writing and performing their first song together as thirteen year olds, the now nineteen year old friends have been busy developing their unique sound and style, combining one another’s songwriting and production skills over the past five years.
Georgia Lines possesses a singer/songwriter heart, wrapped in a slick layer of sophisticated, R&B-tinged pop. Irresistibly drawn to creating music from a young age, rising star Georgia was born with creativity in her blood. A love/hate relationship with piano and musical theory further sewed those early musical seeds and has allowed Georgia to understand the musical rules in order to bend them her way. The discovery of her soulful vocal ability in her teenage years further sealed her fate as one of New Zealand’s most promising new artists.